Baha’is of Newmarket

Baha’is around the world are engaged in a process of building communities that mostly consists of four activities, these activities are called Core Activities and they are:

  • Children’s education – to nourish and nurture the early ability of children
  • Junior youth empowerment – to engage our youth and junior youth and empower their ability to assist other youth in community to flourish.
  • Devotional gatherings - to enhance features of each community through prayers.
  • Engagement in the institute process - to assist everyone to gain a better understanding of the Baha’i teachings and ways to develop their skills to carry out these various acts of service.

These are many more areas of service that Baha’is are involve in. For instance, there is also a strong emphasize on the role of Baha’is in social activity, community building and to engage in a process of how a society should build its foundation.

The above mention Core Activities are at the centre of any activity that involve in development process of any community in localities around the world. One should look at these like the alphabet or a genetic code that if study and utilize thoroughly will pave the way to build a community where peace, security, unity and harmony of all its individual are not only recognized but also protected.

Baha’is of Newmarket hand in hand with other Baha’i communities in York region have been involve in many community activities, specifically these four core activities all along, and have witness how any localities can hugely benefit from them.

We would love listen to your ideas also share ours on any levels of Newmarket community to enable and empower on individual level as well as community as a whole so together we can bring peace and unity among many diverse group of ethnicity in our community. For more information please contact us vis email or by calling our toll free number at (844) 855-8335.